The most prestigious aerobatics event in 2014, the European Championship was held in Kecskemét, Hungary this year. 52 pilots from 14 countries signed up for the event which was one of the topics of Wednesday’s “Class Kultúra” radio programme, whose guest was the aerobatics world and European champion, Tamás Illés.

We started the interview with aerobatics world champion Tamás Illés in the summer by making a video at the Matkó Cup and finished it last week also adding our report on the world championships in Italy in the autumn.

The Hungarian team had good results at the competition held between 20-28 July in Joensuu, Finland.

Márton Szívós and Ádám Decker had a stomach-churning yet great experience. World and European champion aerobatics pilot Tamás Illés took the two water polo world champions for a pleasure flight.